Psychotic or Sweet?

January 28, 2021 — 10 Comments

I don’t know which one of the heathens did this or why, but this is the reason they shouldn’t have nice things.

Was submersion of their toy murderous intent, a punishing drowning while play-pretending CIA and terrorists (a more grotesque version of the childhood game of cops and robbers that they prefer)? Was the heathen imagining the toy as my head, playing off a festering revenge fantasy of me drowning because I yelled at them that one time for stopping in front of me as I descended the stairs between the first and second floors? Or am I overreacting? Was their intent good? Did they think their toy was thirsty or would grow in water like a seed? Were they innocently giving their toy a bath?

I’ll never understand the motivation of a domesticated cat, but I admit that speculating is both amusing and quite unsettling.

Any thoughts on the cat’s motive for this? Do you think this was a sweet or psychotic choice?

My life may depend on your answer.

10 responses to Psychotic or Sweet?


    Cats prefer fresh water, so perhaps this was a way to get you to dump out the old water and refill it. I have a pet fountain that mine drink out of and they really like it.

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    I don’t think you should have yelled at them that one when they stopped in front of you on your way down the staircase.

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      You’re probably right. I wish I can take it back. Joshua still does this so I’m thinking maybe the next time he does this, I’ll PRETEND to fall down the stairs. When he sees me get up and walk away I injured, maybe he’ll think that tripping me on the stairs won’t kill me after all and move on from it. Thoughts?



    I had a kitten that would chew the head off of her mouse toy, then drop the hind end in the water bowl. Disgusting, but I always thought she was just carrying it around and dropped it when she went to take a drink. Now I’m wondering if she had a more sinister reason and I was just too innocent to recognize it.

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    Honestly, I would not put it past that weirdo.

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    Sorry Cary, but I believe this is a warning. You may want to sleep with one eye open. Maybe you and your husband ought to sleep in shifts. This is obviously a threat.

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    For several weeks after we first brought our cat, Sunny, home, every morning I’d find a toy in the downstairs toilet. Every. Morning. And she’d sit there as I fished it out looking extremely proud of herself.

    My younger kid thinks Sunny is part raccoon. I’m starting to believe her.

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