8 More Things People Should Never Do to Their Heathen

November 20, 2020 — 16 Comments

I once read an article that shared eight things I should never do to my cat. While it was a pleasant reminder of general cat care, we live in an age where companies have to label hair dryers with warnings so people won’t fry themselves with it in a running shower. Because common sense doesn’t seem to equate common practice, I feet it’s necessary to share eight more (specific) things that people should never do to their cats.

  1. Never scare your cat with a cucumber: This is acumen for anyone who is not an asshole. However, if you are an asshole, there’s still hope to redeem yourself. All you have to do is no longer startle your cat(s) with inanimate objects. Sure, it looks hySTERical on YouTube, but deliberately frightening an unsuspecting animal is literally mental abuse. If you don’t understand this, please provide your home address in the comment section below so that I may pop through your bedroom window one night while you’re sleeping. I’ll be the one holding the fake machete, wearing the scary clown mask, and screaming, “RAWR” while you piss your bed.
  2. Never assume your cat wants to ride a Roomba: Not all cats have the same temperament. As a matter of fact, before you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner for your cat, know this: Of the millions and millions of cats in this entire world, there are only two documented cases of cats joyriding a Roomba. One wears a shark costume and the other drive-by slaps a dog. In reality, it’s more probable that when you turn on your regular ol’ upright vacuum cleaner, your cat thinks it’s the end of the world just like mine. So how do you think it’s going to react with a Roomba?
  3. Never let your cat be lazy: Cats can be fun, but cats are work. Your new feline companion requires care, and one commonly overlooked aspect of cat care is exercise. This is especially important for older cats. Playing with your cat should be a daily routine; otherwise, you’re just adopting a large tchotchke that shits. Different cats like different types of toys, so if your fluffy ball of claws doesn’t like the wand, try a laser pointer. If it is not stimulated by the laser pointer, try a Hexbug. Just keep trying. If you would like suggestions, let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to share which are my cats’ favorite toys. And for the record, startling your cat to increase its heart rate is not considered exercise (see number 1 for more information).
  4. Never hit your cat: I’m going to try to say this without getting angry. *clears throat* Don’t ever hit your cat. EveR. If yOu do, I WiLl dO EVeryTHING IN MY POWER TO FIND YOU AND SAVE YOUR HELPLESS AND CONFUSED CAT FROM YOUR EVIL CLUTCHES AND DO EVERYTHING I CAN TO RUIN YOUR LIFE…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10…okay. I think that went well.
  5. Never leave your cat unattended around children: You may think your little pudding pop is an angel that fluttered straight out of your vagina to the sound of trumpets, but when they are unattended, these demons in baby skin clothing can’t be trusted within the vicinity of another living thing without hitting it, putting it in its mouth, curiously sticking their fingers inside of orifices, or hugging it to death. For the safety of your baby/toddler/child/tween and your cat, please do not place either in the other’s company without constant supervision.
  6. Never assume your cat is the next internet superstar: Because of the stupefying popularity of Grumpy cat, Lil Bub, Maru, and Monty (the cat that looks like it was born with Downs Syndrome), I am perplexed as to why a talent agency has yet to launch a feline division. But let’s be honest; not all cats can be web famous, so please don’t go into cat adoption thinking your rescue will become your cash cow. I have five, and after nine years, none of them have turned a single dime. I happily live with the fact that while Keyboard cat earns between $21,000 to $175,000 a year, my cat is in the corner licking its own butthole.
  7. Never feed your cat after midnight: You know, just in case.
  8. Never give up on your cat: The moment you begin sharing your home with a cat, they depend on your for food, love, shelter, health, and care. Remember, rescuing a cat is a lifetime commitment. You will lose sleep. You will lose money. You may even lose patience. But if you always treat him/her right, you will have a very loyal companion for many years.

16 responses to 8 More Things People Should Never Do to Their Heathen


    The ring off a gallon of milk. Best cat toy ever! My home is littered with them and they sometimes attack and need to be taught a lesson.



    OMG did you the the episode of My Cat From HELL where that hick dipshit (or hickshit for short??) made Jackson’s eyes literally pop out of his head in a blaze of WTFness!?? In a demonstration of how he normally plays with his CFH (who attacks the shit out of people who come over), he walked up to her while she was resting on her cat tree perch and proceeded to roughhouse-tickle her with both hands while shouting “C’MON, SWEET PO-TAY-TAH!!” with that good ‘ol boy accent. Oy. Beyond oy! Even my 14-yo nephew was horrified.

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    In the stories of cats v. kids, cats usually take the rap. Not so. Cats do nothing unprovoked. If cats act out when a child walks into a room, it’s because previous history has taught that child will pull their tail, yank their ears or grab them by the front paws and cart them around the room.

    PS. Carol and I have rescued and adoped more than 300 cats, many abandoned by women whose boyfriend makes them choose. Trust us, boyfriends will leave you. Cats never will, unless you forget to close the door and they wander out by accident.

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    Reblogged this on Writer's Treasure Chest and commented:
    I love cats – and this is a list of things you should never do to your cat who is not only written in a hilarious kind of way – but also a true facts list. Thank you, Cary!



    If I can’t feed it after midnight, can I feed it really early in the morning? What’s the cut-off time between inappropriate feeding time that risks them turning into something I don’t want and an appropriate time for breakfast?

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    Every single morning when I go to brush my teeth, one of my cats is in the sink. Every single morning I try to scoop her out, while she twists and turns and essentially becomes some kind of cat putty that slides through my fingers back into the sink. So every single morning, I turn the water on her. She curiously watches for about 5 seconds, as water begins to soak her rear end, then she slowly gets up, shakes it off and wanders over to whatever clothes I have laying out, and licks herself clean (and dry!) while sitting on my clothes.

    Do you think I’m damaging her poor kitty brain?

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    I have a Roomba, because vacuuming is right up there with washing dishes as my least favorite thing, and I have three cats. They’re interested in it when it runs, but they’re not scared of it. To me, it sounds like a printer running, not a jet engine like my upright.

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    Is it OK to buy a Roomba for a dog big enough to kill it? Because my 2 year old (long haired) dog has killed 2 vacuums. I figure I should give the next vacuum a fighting chance.

    I nearly bust a gut over the tchotchke that shits line.

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    Yeah, I wondered about that cucumber thing. It looked mean. The roomba cat…well, cats can have weird tastes. One of my childhood cats enjoyed being vacuumed. Do you really think somebody bought a roomba for their cat? People can be equally weird.

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