September 17, 2020 — 5 Comments

Disclaimer: All of my heathens are in carriers when they are being transported. The pictures you see below were taken while we were parked, waiting for the vet office to open. Save your potential outrage for something important like poverty, racism, or greed.

Predator Face has had a bit of a breathing problem for the past three or four weeks. He gets a severe case of the snorts when he tries breathing through his nose.

Today, he will be put under so that the doctor can take a look inside.

I know Predator Face is nervous, so to make him feel better, I let him drive.

This is him pulling into the parking spot…

He then forgot which peddle was the brake and which was the accelerator, so we ended up hitting the wall pretty hard. I banged my head against the dashboard. He got thrown into the back seat…

But he’s okay. Glad nobody got hurt.

So if you’re in the Memphis area and see a hare lipped cat behind the wheel, get off the sidewalk!

5 responses to Driving


    My cats wouldn’t stop meowing in panic long enough to get out of the driveway, so yours has one up on all three of mine. Hope things go well and that he’s able to breathe better soon. I have a cat who snorts when she sleeps and it’s… interesting.

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    Brave you, driving with cat with no carrier!
    We used to drive with our cat to Maine to stay with Grandmother the same way when I was a kid, though now I cannot imagine how. Actually, the last time we lost the cat for months because when we arrived, a dog barked somewhere; cat took flight.
    Grandmother kept her ears open for news of the cat. Midwinter, she found the cat and brought her back to Boston on the train…in a carrier.
    The cat (Mama Velvet) exited the carrier in the front hall and froze. She ran to the right. She ran to the left. She couldn’t believe immediately that she was home.

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      When I’m driving, he and the rest of his siblings stay in carriers (each one has their own carrier….can you imagine having to stuff them all in one?). But since he was driving, I let him out.
      And you just gave me a mental image of what vehicle safety would look like if cats drive cats. Instead of seatbelts, they would wear little cat carriers with holes where their arms and legs could stick out through. They would look like astronauts. Ha.


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