Damien’s Moobie Problem

September 8, 2020 — 5 Comments

Is there a reputable manufacturer of cat bras?

My cat, Damien, has large boobs. They’re so big, he looks like a dairy cow (but he gets pretty irritated when you try milking him…I won’t be making that mistake again).

Cat Boobs

What a rack!

Goal 1 in finding a cat bra is to provide support. This extra weight hanging from his mid-section can’t be good for his back. So I’m hoping some type of bra for cats would help. I don’t need anything fancy like you find at Victoria Secret or Adam & Eve. Just something practical. Preferably furry to match his gray coat.

Goal 2 in finding a cat bra is to cover his nipples. His bulging, pink headlights are obscene. I can’t very well allow him to perch in a window with his knockers hanging out. I live in a high pedestrian neighborhood. Strangers would point and laugh. I know I would.

It’s like they follow you like eyes.

Thanks for your help, and I’d appreciate it if you could keep this on the down-low because I’m sure Damien would cease speaking to me until he died from embarrassment if he knew I’m asking the general population of the tens to twenties of readers I have about a cat bra for him.

5 responses to Damien’s Moobie Problem


    Crochet him a kitty bra. Best you can do… but make sure there plenty of holes in it, to give the skin the chance to breathe… he he he…

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    Talk to your veterinarian. There might be something wrong.

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    They’re real and they’re spectacular. Let those babies breathe!!

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