The Straynger Saga Continues

September 1, 2020 — 10 Comments

A few days ago, I stood on my patio and witnessed a stray, black cat vomit a live worm into the mulch under my neighbor’s hydrangea.

I told my husband about it immediately. How could I not? I had never seen a living creature vomit up another living creature before. It was remarkable and, I’m sure, burned into my long-term memory. I felt like I had witnessed a phenomenon only seen in sci-fi movies.

While I Googled “worm vomit,” “how contagious is worm vomit,” and “worm vomit death rate” (digging for answers before the nightmares set in), my husband did the right thing and made an appointment for the stray at our vet’s office. This is why he is named. Poe.

We learned a lot about Poe from his trip to the vet. It’s a boy. 6 or 7 years old. Right eye damaged from birth or trauma. Leukemia negative. FIV positive. And chipped!!

I believe the vet contacted the number associated with the chip (I think that’s what my husband told me), and so now we wait.

But then again, Poe has called our patio home off-and-on for well over a year. Our neighbor has posted about it on our neighborhood website and, I believe, Facebook. I am beginning to doubt Poe will ever be returned to his family.

I do not claim this cat as our own (dear God no more!!), but I care just enough to hope that this affectionate cat gets back to where he belongs. He’s such a sweet cat. Loves laps. Enjoys belly rubs. Purrs all the time. Chatters frequently. Vomits worms.

Poe at the vet. That pathetic face.

Poe driving down our property value.

10 responses to The Straynger Saga Continues


    When I saw his eye, I just knew he was going to be yours. Don’t deny it. It’s going to happen.

    ps…..driving down your property value. I can’t even. 😀

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    He’s so sweet. You’re doing the good work, making sure he’s healthy and giving him love. 🙂 But I feel you on the ‘no more’. I have three and some days, that’s four too many.

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    He’s so cute. We had a stray for around 3 years that we could not catch…just feed him every day. He was a little bad ass. Kept fighting with something & looked pretty rough…lost one eye, lost one ear (separate instances) but still survived over a year like that. Finally disappeared about 2 yrs ago.

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    Forwarded to my cat-loving son and his wife.
    Had two established cats, took in a little girl cat to foster.
    Ended up adopting said little girl.
    Total failures at fostering.

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