The Caturday Report

August 22, 2020 — 2 Comments

Is it just me or does this pic look like we’re about to drop an album?

F*%k all y’all muthaf#%kin’ honkey-a$$ crackas! – Predator Face

If we did, it would be rated M. Predator Face is great with freestyle but tends to swears a lot. Not sure from where he picked that up.

This coming Tuesday afternoon, Predator Face is scheduled for his third trip to the vet in as many weeks. There seems to be nasal inflammation he can’t shake that’s causing harsh snorting when he breathes. It’s heartbreaking to hear, but thankfully it hasn’t stifled his high spirits. He still runs and plays like usual. His appetite is fine, and he’s getting plenty of water. He just can’t seem to breathe well through his nose.

Thankfully, he isn’t afraid of the vet. Below is a picture from his appointment Friday afternoon, chilling in the chair beside me, waiting for his examination, looking at me like I’m a child molester trying to fondle his balls.

Damien is becoming more clingy every day. I can’t work from home without him wanting to be picked up. So nowadays, it’s not uncommon for me to host a conference call while a long, gray cat is slung over my right shoulder. Not very professional, but it lets me work.

“Plaaaayyy with meeeee!” – Damien

And Zoe is still deaf.

What’s new in your life?

2 responses to The Caturday Report


    Zoe is way too cute. Damien is like my ragdoll, Nayla, always has to be in my face getting pets or she’s not happy. Violet thinks she’s part dog, so she’s always happy to be at the vet and around people who will give her attention. 🙂

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    Oh, I love them.

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