Is My House Haunted?

August 17, 2020 — 11 Comments

Apparently, cats can see ghosts. I’m not saying it’s true. It’s just what I’ve been told.

I bring this up because I was scrolling through my cat pictures recently (looking for a few good ones of Reese for her memorial box) when I can upon this one:

Am I crazy or does this undoctored photo look like Zoe is staring at a large specter that is peeking around the wall? Do you see its fingers grasping the wall on either side of its head? Do you see its eyes?

If this is some kind of apparition, should I be concerned? It looks more scared of Zoe than Zoe is of it. I mean, Zoe is the bitchiest of all our cats (by a substantially large margin), but I never imagined she was capable of intimidating supernatural entities.

Just want to see if anyone else considers this worthy of a “WTF!” reaction, and if so, what the “WTF!” reaction should entail (move? exorcism? bathe cat in Holy water?).

Any input and/or advice would be appreciated.

11 responses to Is My House Haunted?


    This is a very interesting article and give me something to think about. I wish I had an answer, but I do like the picture with the cat.

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    Your house isn’t particularly haunted… supernatural beings occasionally peek in… call them ghosts, or something else… my cats react on them too. Zoe apparently is not scared… the light-being seems careful, but not scared either. To me, this is a picture of two curious creatures trying to find out, what the other one wants. I LOVE that foto. Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow… that almost looks like the spirit in light is having a hands-on-hips standoff with Zoe… GREAT photo! 😀

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    While I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, that is creepy AF. Also, bathing the cat in anything is likely to drive everything in the house OUT. Just sayin’.

    Also, I read once that it’s believed cats can see into other dimensions. Not sure I buy into that either, but it would explain why they sit on the back of the couch with their nose 1/4″ from the wall.

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