Happy Caturday

August 15, 2020 — 8 Comments

Just want to wish everyone a happy Catuday. I hope your home remains clean, your carpets hair ball free, and all litter remains in their respective box.

Please give some love to your heathens from me (if they deserve it).

8 responses to Happy Caturday


    Thanks for your wonderful wishes… but you know how cat-infested households are… the litter is spread out in literally all rooms, including the bathrooms (no matter if the door is closed), the cat hair is all over the place, including places the cats are definitely not permitted to be, such as the kitchen counter, and you can find cat toys in places you never put them… like in kitchen shelves… Have a great time with yours! 😀

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    Dumbass and I send our warmest Caturday wishes.

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    This was me at 3 AM this morning when my ragdoll decided she needed attention. Happy Caturday!

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    Happy Caturday to you all, too! From me & Clyde the Destroyer

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