Your Cat is not Trying to Kill You

April 23, 2015 — 19 Comments

Dear Journal,

Don’t believe the nonsensical propaganda you read in pop-lit and websites. Your cat is not trying to kill you. There is simply no reliable evidence supporting these presumptive murderous intentions.

Meh Cat

Your Cat Is Not Trying To Kill You

I don’t dispute that if you were to suddenly drop dead, your feline companion would contract a severe case of indifference; however, it is extraordinarily improbable that your bucket will be kicked by a four-legged degenerate.

How do I know your cat wants you alive? Because through the logic of inductive reasoning (a methodology used by prominent, modern thinkers such as Dinesh D’Souza, Louie Gohmert, and Monty Python), I have discovered that domesticated cats feed on negative emotions. If you take issue with this theory, ask yourself why cats maul your lovingly-offered hand but never puncture a major artery or why they trip you only in the absence of sharp objects on which to impale your head. I’ll tell you why; because the pain and suffering they produce is part of their nutritious, balanced diet.

I have constructed a feline species’ food pyramid for the visual learners:

Cat Food Pyramid

Take my five captive felines, for example. When they’re not eating or sleeping, they are studying Eli Roth movies after I go to bed. During the day, they experiment with my threshold of pain by gripping my hand with their claws and kicking at it with their back legs while sinking their teeth into the flesh of my palm. The more I cry in pain, the louder they purr. In case you haven’t noticed, once they acquire a taste of your misery, it is difficult for them to let go.

Recently, Mr. Tiddles and the rest of the clan discovered that inducing psychological anguish is just as satisfying and palatable as physical pain. Two weeks ago, I had just devoted 6 hours and fifteen minutes to thoroughly cleaning my home. This included washing baseboards, vacuuming walls, and steaming all counter tops. My home was a mysophobic haven for only one hour and thirty-seven minutes. That is all the time required for a gang of cats to contaminate counters with a stamp of their dirty buttholes, project cat toys from their box as if the result from a small explosion, poop hair-turds from their mouths, and blanket the furniture with fur. As this disaster unfolded, I felt increasingly dismal.

It was then that I noticed a negative correlation between my despondency and their disposition. Blind Murphy vigorously tossed around his stuffed bird with playful glee. Mr. Tiddles raced from one end of the house to the other. Zoe appeared almost drunk with happiness. I, however, sat motionless on the sofa as I helplessly watched my hours of labor become undone in minutes.

So heed this warning. If your heathen appears malnourished, your household is too merry to sustain its life. And if you’re sad, don’t be fooled by the cat that jumps into your lap or rubs its head on your leg because it’s not comforting you; it’s feeding off you. These cuddly creatures feast on your cries of pain as well as your sadness and lap up your sweet, sweet tears for dessert.


19 responses to Your Cat is not Trying to Kill You


    Little vampires of pain – lol

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    You can postpone certain death by running away to Catcon. Yes, Catcon. The longer you wait to book a ticket, the higher the cost.



    Reblogged this on Writer's Treasure Chest and commented:
    “Don’t believe the nonsensical propaganda you read in pop-lit and websites. Your cat is not trying to kill you. There is simply no reliable evidence supporting these presumptive murderous intentions.”
    This is the first sentence of a blog post, written by Reluctant Cat Owner. I enjoyed the post so much that I needed to share it. Besides: I’m sure many more cat owners need to see and read it! Have fun!



    I’m impressed by the logic of this blog post. Very enjoyable I have to say. And you bet I’m going to re-blog it. I think this theory needs to be read by many more cat owners!



    Um…have you just switched to decaf or something? Go back. Self-medication looks good on you, stick with it. Because Prozac is so pricey.

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    By Odin, you’re right! This is why I used to be rudely awoken at 3 am by the cat giving me a claws-fully-extended-into-my-naked-chest massage. He was purring his furry little head off whilst I bled out.

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    Makes sense. I am convinced that my cat won’t kill me in his sleep – he just wants us to know he could if he wanted to.

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    You’re theory is sound and explains so much.

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