How to Feed a Cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia

July 22, 2014


Cerebellar hypoplasia is a condition where the cerebellum has not completely matured at the time of birth. This causes jerky movements and uncoordinated motion (i.e. the sufferer appears to be drunk 24 hours a day). Last year, I adopted a deaf cat with cerebellar hypoplasia. Her name is Zoe. Her case is mild, mostly evident by her wobbly and jerky head.

As I have mentioned before, feeding a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia can be messy. When she is finally able to scoop a mouthful of crunchies, her wobbly head shakes most of it onto the floor. This requires lots of post-feeding cleanup. To prevent the institutionalization of the cat owner, I have created a helpful device that will not only feed your shaky cat but also keep your home clean of scattered, stray kibble at the same time. All you need is my specially designed feeding globe (patent pending).

Step 1: Place specially designed feeding globe around the head of the cerebellar hypoplasia (c. h.) cat and snap the two hemisphere’s together.CHFOOD

Step 2: Remove panel near top of globe and pour dry food (crunchies) into the specially designed feeding globe.CHFOOD2

Step 3: Replace panel to seal specially designed feeding globe. NOTE: Immediately after sealing feeding globe, it is a good idea to set a 30-minute timer as there is a limited supply of oxygen in the specially designed feeding globe (air holes cost extra).CHFOOD3

Step 4: Shaking head of c. h. cat automatically activates the specially designed feeding globe causing crunchies to bounce around the interior. Some of the crunchies will eventually fly into its mouth but none will end up on your floor. CHFOOD4

WARNING: Do not attempt to water c. h. cat with specially designed feeding globe.CHFOOD5

I am still trying to decide on a name for the feeding globe. Do you have any suggestions?

NOTE: Until I am able to set up my KickStarter campaign, I trust that nobody reading this will steal my idea. I can trust you guys, right?

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